Our Vision

A.D Airlines is a part 135 certified airline with a part 107 division providing transportation of vital organs, human tissues, blood, and medical supplies.

Current area of focus: Northeast region of the U.S. with rapid expansion to the I-95 and I-75 corridors. As our fleet grows, A.D Airlines will provide transportation coverage nationwide.

Customer Support

A.D Airlines has a full Flight Operations Team to support each mission with over 300 years of combined professional aviation experience.

Your A.D Airlines support team includes:

  • Director of Flight Operations
  • Director of Training
  • Chief Pilot
  • Director of Flight Control
  • Director of Maintenance

Our Reach

Cost Efficient

A.D Airlines provides our customers with a cost-efficient means to transport vital organs and human tissues.

Smaller is faster and end-to-end service is our focus.

The ability to utilize smaller regional airports closer to hospitals and medical centers drastically improves transportation time.

Dedicated to Transplant Human Organs, Tissues, and Critical Life Therapies by Optimizing Legs/Modes.
Track and Monitor Bio Status with Certified: Geo Tracking Bio – Clinical Trials by TCOA – FAA 14 CFR 135

1st Mile – Drone or Van Pickup at your door

Last Mile – Drone or Van Delivery to your door

Contact Us

Email: Flights@FlyADair.com
Office: (860) 352-6600; Opt #1

Hours of operation: 8 am–5 pm EST
(Services are provided outside of normal business hours upon request.)

Providing Secure, Livesaving

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